• 10mg CBD Multi-Vitamin Capsules

10mg CBD Multi-Vitamin Capsules

  • $49.99
Our special CBD multi-vitamin formula was designed to not only help you meet or exceed your daily nutritional requirements with all the key vitamins and minerals the human body needs to be its best, but we've also added our broad spectrum CBD to each bottle to help you battle any pain that's troubling you, mood issues you might have, but also to help boost your memory, promote mental clarity, aid the immune system, while at the same time, also helping with sleep. Cannabinoids are naturally-produced by the body; so our broad spectrum CBD products are perfect for anyone that likes to keep things all-natural, organic, vegan. Better than hemp oil, and music better than CBD lotion, our CBD multi-vitamin is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to the CBD sugar overload that is often assocaited with CBD gummies and CBD candies.
3rd party lab tested