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CBD Pet Tincture

  • $28.99

Improve your pet’s life today with Vive’s pet CBD tincture.  Give your furry friends the incredible benefits of alternative CBD therapy today with Vive’s pet-friendly CBD Oil (CBD Tincture). Made from only the highest-quality industrial hemp grown in the United States, ViveCBD’s Pet CBD Oil is organic and made in a NON-GMO facility.  Our broad spectrum Pet CBD Tincture will improve the quality of life of your senior pet, as well as reduce stress, maintain a sense of calm, and help them find physical comfort in their golden years.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Esper

It didn't help my Golden Retriever at first however it seems to be helping recently.

Helped my 13 yr. old Cockapoo

We found this at a dispensary near our home. It worked wonders. Our Bo has separation anxiety and is on prescription medications for it. As he got older, it got worse. We heard that CBD oil might help and didn’t want to increase he prescription meds. CBD was the answer. Not we have it shipped to our home.

Thank you so much for the review! We here at Vive strive to provide the best natural products for pets. We're so glad your beautiful pooch not only likes the taste but is getting the full benefits of the products with progress!

CBD Pet Tincture Details

Our broad-spectrum CBD pet tincture is THC-free. Vive’s tinctures for dogs are  quality-made and tested by a third party label.  CBD Pet Oil can help your four-legged best friend find fast relief from a variety of issues such as aching joints and muscles, stress associated with being left home alone, moving, meeting new people, etc.

  • Bacon-Flavored
  • 250 milligrams of high-quality CBD per bottle
  • 1 milliliter serving / 30 servings per bottle
  • THC-Free

What is a Pet Tincture?

A CBD tincture product features CBD extract suspended in a solution.  For humans: it is produced for the CBD market generally by suspending a high-quality CBD extract in alcohol or another bioavailable carrier.   For pets: it is produced for the CBD market generally by suspending a high-quality broad spectrum CBD extract in palm oil, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, or a combination of some or all depending on the manufacturer. 

CBD extract is an active, chemical compound found in both the cannabis and hemp plant.  CBD extract suspended in a bioavailable carrier can be considered as a recreational substance or a medicinal solution. Generally, it is stored in a small, brown, blue, emerald-colored glass container and is often sold with an included dropper for easy use.

What is Pet Tincture CBD?

Like CBD Tincture products currently sold on the CBD market for human consumption, pet tincture CBD products currently sold on the CBD market are different from CBD tincture products made for humans in that they are reduced in potency and are made only with dog-safe solution carriers.

For example: Tinctures for dogs are made only with vegetable-based carrier oils or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils derived from fatty acids.  Generally, pet tinctures only include high-quality CBD extract, flavoring, and a carrier oil that is usually coconut oil or hemp seed oil – or both depending on the manufacturer.

As with human CBD tincture products, pet CBD tincture products feature a CBD extract that is derived from either the cannabis or hemp plant via any of the following methods:

CO2 Extraction:  The CO2 extraction process extracts the active, chemical compound from the raw cannabis or hemp plant via the use of a high carbon dioxide gas.  A complex high and low pressure process is used to isolate the Cannabidiol (Cbd) from the cannabis or hemp plant which then, in turn, is then placed into a bioavailable solution for use.  
Ethanol Extraction:  The Ethanol extraction process is done with high-grade grain alcohol.  Before coming to market,  the active, chemical compound is extracted from the raw hemp or cannabis through a boiling process.   As if it were being distilled, the active, chemical compound once vaporized (condensed) then slowly drips into a cooling coil.

Butane Extraction:  More commonly known as “Hydrocarbon Extraction,” uses butane to extract the active, chemical compound Cannabinoid from the cannabis and hemp plant.  Butane is run through the raw plant material and it picks up the cannabinoids.   Then the extract is heated up to eliminate the butane.

Can I give my dog tinctures?

Yes, absolutely!  Remember this, though:: Dogs should only have CBD pet tinctures.  Do not give them CBD Oil designed for human consumption – your fur baby should only get the pet version.   

No furry friend should be given a dosage of a CBD tincture that features an alcohol-based delivery solution.   Alcohol regardless of whether it’s boiled prior to coming to the market should not be served to a dog.  

CBD pet tinctures are designed to be safe and organic for our furry friends.  Only give your best friend a broad spectrum CBD made from MCT oils like hemp seed oil or coconut oil. 

Both senior pets and those that suffer from chronic health issues will experience an improvement in their quality of life as a result of using CBD as an alternate therapy.
Pet tinctures for dogs are great for both an owner and the pet. CBD can alleviate stress and anxiety, help mitigate chronic pain, reduce inflammation, manage arthritis, and it also may decrease frequency for animals that suffer from seizures.

If your pet gets stressed out when you travel, or goes crazy when they hear loud noises, or tears up the house when left, CBD can reduce your pet’s stress levels, eliminate anxiety, and help to keep them calm regardless of the situation.

Our fur babies will often experience chronic pain when they get older.  Whether it’s just the regular aches and pains associated with aging, or something more serious as a result of genetics, metabolic disease, cancer, parasites, food allergies, or bacterial overgrowth, CBD pet tinctures for dogs can help them “take the edge off” in their golden years so they can continue to live their best lives as a valued member of your family.

How do you use CBD pet tincture?

Like humans, pets may not immediately experience the positive effects associated with CBD therapy as an alternative medicine.  Like humans, a trial and error process has to be undertaken to determine correct dosage, frequency, etc.    Some dogs may experience side-effects such as drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, itching, and dizziness.  

When starting a pet out on CBD it’s always best to start with a very low dosage to see how they do because gradually increasing it.   Additionally, it’s important when starting your pet out on CBD that you monitor he/her weight as well as note when they appear to be drowsy; how long it takes to affect them after dosage, etc.

Any questions about CBD pet tinctures for dogs should also consult a veterinarian.  If your pet is already on over the counter or prescription medications it’s especially important that an owner consults a veterinarian before starting your furry friend on CBD.  

Some over-the–counter and prescription medications can interact with CBD and when you consult with a veterinarian they’ll be able to tell you which interact with CBD and they’ll also be able to suggest a proper dosage of food to your furry friend based on their weight and any other health factors.

Product Information

Hemp Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Bacon Flavoring, Proprietary Blend Broad Spectrum CBD Oil