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CBD Pet Treats

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Improve your pet’s quality of life with the best pet CBD on the market.  Give your pet all the amazing benefits of CBD therapy when you treat them with ViveCBD’s Pet Treats.  Every fur baby will love these peanut butter CBD dog treats because they’re delicious, bite-size, and made from organic ingredients.  

Vive’s CBD Dog Treats are made from broad-spectrum CBD that is extracted from only industrial hemp plants grown in the United States.   If your furry friend suffers from stress or anxiety these are the best peanut butter CBD dog treats on the market.

Take the edge of anxiety when you’re traveling, moving, meeting new friends, or trying to keep your best friend calm during a firework celebration with a crunchy peanut butter CBD dog treat. These peanut butter CBD dog treats will have your poochie sitting, wagging, and turning circles when you get these 5 milligram CBD dog treats out of the pantry every day.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jessica Urbanowski
For Clutch

Found these at a golf show bought them for my11 year old dog who was having knee problems n ended up with knee surgery still giving them to him one a day to help him with any discomfort he may have he seems to like them

Thank you! Were so glad you enjoyed the products!


Helas mom
Something worked!

I have a great Pyrenees who does not do well on long road trips. One treat and she was good. Only thing that has worked this well!!!

It works!

My dog gets anxious when it it’s raining or windy. He shakes like crazy! These treats really help calm him down! Lifesavers!

A must have

Helps my German Shepherd with anxiety issues. He loves them. Great product, great customer service.

Peanut butter CBD

My dog lives then and helps release him on road trips

CBD Pet Treat Details

Our broad spectrum, THC-free CBD Pet Treats, can provide quick relief for man’s best friend from anxiety or stress in response to loud noises, traveling, or meeting new people at the house.

  • Broad Spectrum crunchy CBD pet treats.
  • Available in both 30 milligrams and 100 milligrams.
  • 5 milligrams per treat.
  • Crunchy Peanut Butter flavor.
  • Manufactured in a Non-GMO facility.

CBD Pet Treats: Why are they so popular?

CBD can help any pet maintain a healthy life. But before peanut butter CBD dog treats appeared all that was available on the market was CBD tinctures and crystals.  
It was with the introduction of CBD candy and other delicious CBD edibles that the CBD market exploded, and as a result: the CBD industry saw all-time high in sales.   
With the introduction of CBD as an alternative therapy product, many people couldn’t deal with the awful taste of raw hemp or the smell of CBD oils, tinctures, or crystals – they were simply unbearable CBD. candy was the game-changer that brought in millions of new users into the industry. And as a result: the game got massive when the CBD edibles hit the market.

CBD Edibles are Fun and Yummy

There are hundreds of CBD edibles on the market as of today that can provide you with all the positive benefits of CBD effect while also tickling your taste buds. Below are some tasty and fun-filled CBD edibles.


Edible products like those listed above provide people with an opportunity to integrate CBD into their life so they can get the maximum benefits of CBD as an alternate therapy while avoiding raw hemp’s intense smell and flavor.  

As the science has shown how CBD can offer numerous health benefits to humans, it’s also shown, in recent years, that it has the ability to help our fur babies too.
Giving your dog a CBD pet treat can help them through terrible bouts of anxiety and stress due to a bevy of external stimuli.  Dogs that dislike loud noises, such as fireworks, for example, will be able to handle the ruckus with less stress placed upon them following their ingestion of a CBD peanut butter dog treat.   

Does your dog have a  difficult time in the car?  Does your furry friend have a hard time meeting new people in the world?

These common anxiety and stress issues can be drastically-reduced in dogs when their owners give them CBD.  Dogs benefit from CBD as an alternative therapy product thanks to how CBD’s cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system within both the human and animal brain - we’re more like our furry friends than we think!

Is CBD peanut butter safe for dogs?

Yes!  Have you ever met a dog that disliked peanut butter?  

CBD peanut butter for dogs is made exclusively for our furry friends.  It is not recommended that humans eat the product themselves, even though it is all-natural, made from Non-GMO, industrial hemp grown in the United States.    

The active ingredient CBD dog treats is cannabidiol (CBD) aka (Cbd).  CBD will not make your dog “high” as what separates cannabidiol  from THC is in how these active chemical compounds of both the cannabis and hemp plants each interact with the brain’s endocannabinoid system after ingestion.  THC bonds with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors whereas CBD only stimulates those receptors - when THC bonds with the receptors it produces the “high” effect in users, where stimulation of those same receptors only leads to them producing their own, natural cannabinoids.

Dog CBD can be quite beneficial when given to your furry friend daily.   It can help to calm the nerves of puppies or dogs that suffer from anxiety and stress as a result of loud noises, moving, traveling, meeting new people.  And it can also be beneficial to senior dogs that suffer from a variety of health issues such as the general aches and pains associated with aging.

Peanut Butter, according to the American Kennel Club, can provide our furry friends with many healthy fats and essential vitamins, when used in moderation.   

However, when giving your fur baby peanut butter it’s important to make sure that you’re sharing a product with them that has a good safety profile and one that doesn’t contain any added sugars or sweeteners.

Any CBD peanut butter for dogs product that contains sweeteners is not only unsafe to give to your furry friends, it can also potentially be poisonous if it contains harmful additives such as Xylitol.   

Before buying any CBD treat for your pup be sure to check the label on the back of the product to make sure it’s healthy, organic and safe for them to take.

With any OTC product, before giving your dog CBD peanut butter, it’s important that you consult with your dog’s vet first.  Veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe CBD products, but they can give you advice and answer questions you have with regards to CBD pet treats.

How long does CBD peanut butter last for dogs?

It depends on the dosage.  The dosage should be contingent on the weight of your pup.  But responsible pet owners should expect the CBD they’re sharing with their pet to be active for at least 4 hours.  

Because every dog is different, responsible pet owners should start on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to determining dosage/serving and gradually increase to see what works best for your dog.   It takes a day or two before a responsible pet owner can determine what works versus what doesn’t. 

Giving your dog a daily CBD treat can be beneficial for a lot of reasons.  But, it’s important that responsible pet owners stick to the lower side of the dosage spectrum.  CBD peanut butter for dogs can provide healthy fats and essential vitamins but only when used in moderation.    

CBD will generally metabolize in the body every 24-hours.  So, a responsible pet owner who’s thinking about sharing CBD peanut butter for dogs with their furry friend should take into consideration the metabolism rate in the body when trying to figure out the best dosage, frequency, etc.

Can I put CBD in my dogs food?

Yes!  Whether it’s CBD peanut butter for dogs or CBD oil for dogs it’s definitely worth a responsible pet owner’s time to just mix any CBD dog product into their furry friend’s daily food to get it down.  Some dogs refuse to swallow pills, so if you can share a CBD product with your pup without them noticing by hiding it in their food it can make everyone’s life that much easier when you have to administer the dosage.

What makes CBD edibles so great,  such as CBD peanut butter for dogs, is in their wonderfully delicious taste!  CBD dog treats and CBD peanut butter for dogs do not generally need to be mixed into your pooch’s daily food because they’ll gravitate to the aroma in the air when you get a CBD peanut butter for dogs product out of the pantry and open it.  When it comes to peanut butter, most dogs take to it so quickly that they’re like a duck taking to water.

Which CBD best for dogs?

Any CBD product that you give to your fur baby that they love!   What’s most important when it comes to selecting a CBD product for your dog is that it's made in the USA, made from industrial, organic, Non-GMO hemp, and that it’s been 3rd party lab-tested.   

Do not buy cheap CBD from a gas station for your pup.  Do not buy CBD products that have not been 3rd party lab-tested.  

A responsible pet owner should care as much about what they put into their dog’s bodies as they care as much about what they put into their own. 

High-quality CBD dog products aren’t always “cheap,” but in the end, you get what you pay for.  So, if you’re buying cheap CBD dog treats you’re getting cheaply-made CBD dog treats that likely contain unhealthy ingredients that fail to promote the longevity of the life-span of your pet.

We love our furry friends.  And we want them to have a quality of life that is similar to the one we experience ourselves as their owners.  

If you have a furry friend that is currently suffering from anxiety, stress or from the general aches and pains that arise as they get closer to the time when they must cross the Rainbow Bridge, a quality CBD peanut butter for dogs product might be exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to giving them a state of relief that you would want to find in their exactly same position.

Product Information

Ingredients: Peanut Butter (peanut, sugar, 2% or less cottonseed oil, soybean, rapeseed oil. dextrose, salt, molasses, monoglycerides), organic refined coconut oil, non-GMO organic gluten-free coconut flour, gluten-free honey, coconut flakes(coconut, sugar, water, sodium metabisulfite, propylene glycol), cinnamon, citric acid, propriety blend hemp extract in Hemp Seed Oil.

CBD Pet Treats: Why are they so popular?

Consuming CBD is a good thing, and it can help maintain a healthful life. CBD tinctures and crystals were the only options until the CBD edibles took over the market by storm. CBD candy first hit the market, followed by many other CBD edibles.

Most of the users liked the idea of CBD candy and CBD edibles, and the sales numbers were hitting all-time highs. There are a few simple reasons why CBD edibles are so popular. Let’s explore more about it.

Refreshing taste and sensation

Long before CBD candy, many people didn’t like the raw hemp taste and aroma in CBD tinctures and crystals. People wanted CBD but without the unbearable hemp taste. CBD candy was the game-changer that brought in millions of new users into the industry. The game got massive when the CBD edibles hit the market.

CBD edibles are fun

There are hundreds of CBD edibles that can provide you with the CBD effect while amusing your taste buds. Below are some tasty and fun-filled CBD edibles.

Several other CBD edibles hit the market once in a while. CBD edibles enable the users to include CBD in their diet without the hemp smell and taste. CBD edibles make it easier If you want to give CBD to your children.

Also, Pet-owners like CBD edibles as it is easier for them to feed CBD to their dogs/pets that suffer from pains and anxiety-issues. Pets love CBD edibles like CBD treats and CBD-infused food.