• CBD Muscle Gel

CBD Muscle Gel

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CBD Muscle Gel

If you spent too much time at the gym and have been looking for a non-protein shake way to help you recover on your off days, why not try Vive's CBD Muscle Gel. Our CBD Muscle Gel can help you to alleviate, relax, and aid in muscle recovery after intense physical motion. CBD Muscle Gel can also help those who try it to sustain vital functions in daily life like boosting your appetite, changing your mood, curbing pain, anxiety, and stress, while helping those that have a hard time falling asleep at night. Vive CBD Muscle Gel is perfect for post-workout, just rub a little on your shoulders, legs, neck, and feet and you'll feel reinvigorated like you do after a good yoga session. Great for older folks too who are looking for a quick and easy to help relieve some of the nagging aches and pains that can come into the joints and muscles after years of hard work.

Why CBD Muscle Gel?

CBD isn't JUST for ingesting! Enjoy some CBD joint therapy and relieve those muscles and joints. Our CBD product suite is made from 100% organic hemp. So get that relief you really deserve with our CBD muscle gel!


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