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CBD Honey Sticks (10mg per stick)

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Take the edge off of stress, anxiety and depression while at the same time boosting mental focus, improving memory and clarity.  

A product of the beautiful honey bee, ViveCBD’s broad-spectrum CBD honey sticks (10 milligrams each) are a golden treat made from cannabinoids and terpenes sourced only from industrial hemp in the United States.  Every ViveCBD bee honey stick looks like a stick of gold.  Each is perfectly-infused, delicious, raw, and all-natural. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bill Montgomery
Best tasting of Honey sticks on the net

I've been doing CBD Honey sticks for over 2 years, Vive's are by far the best tasting I've tried.

Jeniece Parker
Calming and sweet

My review and others say it has helped them with sleep and the taste is awesome. I'm looking to get other flavors as well.
I'm glad I found your company.
Thank you.

John Johnson
Great taste - not as effective

I am looking for another honey as the main one I get's stock has been in and out. Thought I'd try this one. All the honey I have bought are usually 10mg per stick like this one. Although lighter colored than most, the taste is great.

I only use CBD, and after about 10+ sticks I feel like this one is not as effective as other brands I have had. I usually need 2-3 to help with anxiety/stress as opposed to others of usually one. (Again, all at 10mg a stick)

So, while a good taste and value, the overall use is not as good.

Karena Gerhardt

Absolutely love the cbd honey sticks.
They relax my body and stabilizes mood

J. Sullivan
All around satisfaction

From viewing the product to ordering, probably the easiest site to navigate. No guesswork involved. Great prices and products. Very quick delivery. Will be a return customer.

CBD Honey Stick Details

Our broad spectrum, THC-free CBD honey sticks, are perfect for anyone who’s on the go or looking for quick relief for stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic aches and pains. They’re also perfect for anyone that’s looking to take the edge off after a hard day at the office when it’s time to retire for the night and chill out on the sofa.

  • 10 milligrams of broad-spectrum extract per honey stick
  • 0.0% THC aka THC Free
  • All Natural and Organic. No Artificial Sweeteners.
  • Available in Gold Bee Flavor, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Grape, Strawberry, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon
  • Available: 10 Ct. or 25 Ct. Packs

CBD Honey Sticks: Why are they so popular?

A daily CBD regime promotes a healthy lifestyle. But CBD can also help people find relief who suffer from a wide range of medical conditions.

Recent scientific studies have suggested that CBD has a range of positive benefits when it comes to alleviating chronic pain and anxiety with the use of broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD as an alternative therapy.

CBD honey sticks have grown in popular in recent years, because, prior to their introduction, CBD tinctures and crystals was all that was available on the market. However, with the introduction of CBD edibles such as CBD candy, CBD gummies, CBD cookies, and CBD honey sticks, CBD has become the future of holistic therapy because of its bioavailability, on the go design, and the fact that its all-natural, organic, and vegan.

What Do CBD Honey Sticks Do?

Like CBD-infused oil, the cannabinoids and terpenes used to make CBD Honey sticks can be beneficial when it comes to folks finding relief from stress, anxiety, and depression but also from chronic pain and inflammation. The cannabidiol in a CBD honey stick is a powerful, organic all-natural alternative medicine that has helped thousands across the United States.

CBD Honey Sticks: Benefits

The benefits of having CBD honey sticks at home or at the office means that you’ve got a convenient, on the go snack or quick pick-me-up when you need it the most, but also pre-packed honey sticks offers proper CBD dosage with a delicious flavor thanks to the organic honey made by bees – not to mention: packaging that promotes product freshness.

CBD Honey Sticks for Anxiety

Recent scientific studies have suggested how CBD can treat a variety of physical and mental issues, ailments and conditions. From chronic pain, inflammation to sleep disorders, depression and stress and anxiety.

Many Americans have been turning to CBD therapy as a way to help them combat their everyday struggle with mental and physical conditions that impact their quality of life.

CBD Edibles Are Fun

There are hundreds of CBD edibles that can provide you with the positive benefits of CBD while tickling your taste buds. Below are some tasty and fun-filled CBD edibles that you can get on the ViveCBD website.

How long does a CBD Honey Stick Last?

The beauty of gold CBD honey stick is that it has a longer shelf life than other CBD products on the market. However, with that said, a CBD honey stick will eventually lose its potency if it sits unused for longer than 6-8 months.

Honey from a bee has a reputation as being nature’s glue. Yet, even though honey in a jar can sit in a jar for years and stil be good (if stored in a cool, dry, dark place in the basement), CBD honey sticks have less of a shelf life due to the reduction in potency itself over time.
What do CBD Honey Sticks do to you?

CBD edibles , CBD-infused oil, CBD muscle gel, CBD lip balms or any other types of CBD-infused products on the market can do quite a bit for a user. A daily CBD regime can not only be beneficial for one’s health it can also help restore quality of life for those that suffer from debilitating medical issues like chronic aches and pains or sleep disorders, etc.

How long does it take CBD Honey to work?

It make take anywhere from 30-60 minutes before you begin to notice the positive benefits of CBD after you’ve consumed a CBD honey stick or a different CBD edible.

As with any other CBD edible, CBD honey must be metabolized by the body because the chemical compounds contained within the CBD honey can make their way to the endocannabinoid system where they will begin a collaboration with the endocannabidoid’s receptors.


Product Information

Ingredients: US Grade Honey, Broad Spectrum hemp oil and artificial flavor

Customer Reviews

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CBD Honey Sticks: Why are they so popular?

Consuming CBD is a good thing, and it can help maintain a healthful life. CBD tinctures and crystals were the only options until the CBD edibles took over the market by storm. CBD candy first hit the market, followed by many other CBD edibles.

Most of the users liked the idea of CBD candy and CBD edibles, and the sales numbers were hitting all-time highs. There are a few simple reasons why CBD edibles are so popular. Let’s explore more about it.

Refreshing taste and sensation

Long before CBD candy, many people didn’t like the raw hemp taste and aroma in CBD tinctures and crystals. People wanted CBD but without the unbearable hemp taste. CBD candy was the game-changer that brought in millions of new users into the industry. The game got massive when the CBD edibles hit the market.

CBD edibles are fun

There are hundreds of CBD edibles that can provide you with the CBD effect while amusing your taste buds. Below are some tasty and fun-filled CBD edibles.

Several other CBD edibles hit the market once in a while. CBD edibles enable the users to include CBD in their diet without the hemp smell and taste. CBD edibles make it easier If you want to give CBD to your children.

Also, Pet-owners like CBD edibles as it is easier for them to feed CBD to their dogs/pets that suffer from pains and anxiety-issues. Pets love CBD edibles like CBD treats and CBD-infused food.