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Why ViveCBD Products?

USA-Sourced Industrial Organic Hemp 

Vive’s products are manufactured exclusively from organic industrial hemp.  Hemp can also be found in nutraceuticals, health foods, and in body care products.   

All of Vive’s products are made in the USA.  We believe in American-made products for American consumers, and all of our products from our CBD Oil, CBD tinctures, CBD edibles are third-party tested for consistency, quality and potency before they go up on our website for sale in all 50 states. And because our products are made from organic, industrial hemp that means that the source materials are void of chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

THC Free (0.0% THC)

ViveCBD’s broad-spectrum products contain 0.0% THC. In the manufacturing process when we cultivate and extract cannabidiol (Cbd) we make every attempt to preserve the natural and organic hemp plant matter which ensures that customers get the bevy of other organic and all-natural benefits (terpenes) that it has to offer in our products as well.

Vive’s broad-spectrum CBD products do not give users the similar high that the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis does as can be experienced with full-spectrum CBD products sold on the internet.

Fast Shipping

When our customers order something they want it immediately.  Here at ViveCBD we ship all of our high-quality, organic and broad-spectrum CBD same day.  All domestic orders will be delivered to your mailbox within 4-5 business days, and we offer free shipping on any orders over $30.00 Dollars.

GMP-Facility  / Third-Party Testing

All of ViveCBD’s products are made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility.The manufacturing facility creating our products does adhere to the good manufacturing practices (GMP) as set forth that ensures that all of our products are made using the highest-quality materials and production standards.    ViveCBD takes every step in the production process to ensure that every product we make adheres to the public’s standards when it comes to health and safety.

ViveCBD’s products are also all third-party tested at a ISO-certified lab prior to becoming available on our website for sale. The third-party testing results for every ViveCBD product is available to review on our website.