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CBD Honey Sticks

CBD Honey Sticks

CBD infused honey stick is one of the most exciting products that offer the benefits of CBD. Users can enjoy the sweetness of honey while obtaining the much-needed CBD effect. 
You might think that avocados and almonds are the best foods to improve immunity and overall health. Millennial theories trick people into forgetting honey. Honey is the oldest and most beneficial food item that can be useful in many avenues. Probably, none of us would deny a honey stick for tea.

Honey plays a vital role in skincare, medicine, preservation and nutrition industry. When honey pairs with hemp oil, it becomes a mega-powerful product that packs loads of health benefits. Precisely, you can’t afford to miss these honey sticks when you shop CBD.

Let’s explore the facts and benefits of hemp oil and CBD honey sticks.

About CBD honey sticks

Manufacturers make many products that are infused with hemp extract. People who don’t like the taste of raw hemp look for alternative edibles that contain CBD.

CBD infused honey stick is one of the most exciting products that offer the benefits of CBD. Users can enjoy the sweetness of honey while obtaining the much-needed CBD effect. Not only that, but they offer the health benefits of honey as well. For that reason, more and more CBD users turning into CBD honey sticks.

How do they make CBD honey sticks?

CBD honey sticks look similar to the traditional honey straws, but the ingredients make the difference. Some brands infuse CBD into the hardened honey, which is shaped like sticks using dyes, and they tend to be crunchy.

Manufacturers extract hemp oil from hemp flowers and leaves through various methods. Most brands prefer CO2 extraction process as it doesn’t include synthetic solvents. That way, they can extract the pure organic hemp oil that doesn’t contain any synthetic residues. Hemp oil is then added to honey along with distinct flavorings to derive the final product.

Health benefits of CBD honey sticks

Scientists claim that cannabidiol may have anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties. Studies suggest that CBD may help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety-related issues. Likewise, it is said that CBD may help to promote the quality and duration of sleep. Besides, users love to include CBD in their diet for its ability to boost immunity.

Honey is an excellent option for including sweetness into your foods. Relatively, nectar carries less risk of diabetes than sugar. Also, it is a nutrient-rich option to include in your diet. Honey is known for reducing body fat and cholesterol. Honey has antioxidant properties, which can lower blood pressure.

How to use CBD honey sticks

A few more straws of honey may not have any side effects. However, you should ideally limit the hemp oil consumption to avoid any adverse impacts. Nevertheless, determining the ideal dosage is easier said than done. CBD brands mention the amount of CBD available in each stick. As per experts, users must start consuming lower dosages at first. Later, the dosage can be increased depending on the results.

Do Honey sticks cause high

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Moreover, the majority of CBD brands don’t include more than 50mg of CBD in any given product. For that reason, CBD honey sticks don’t cause the stoned effect. However, people who are suffering from mental or anxiety-related issues must be careful with the dosage. High doses might cause mild psychoactive effects upon over-dosage.