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Welcome to our CBD facts blog. Learn the latest fun facts and trivia regarding CBD/Cannabidiol, which is derived from hemp plants. CBD is used to treat several problems ranging from anxiety to sleep disorders.
  • Do CBD honey sticks work?

    Well, the CBD honey stick is one of the many products that contain CBD as the primary ingredient. Some people find it challenging to consume CBD products that have raw hemp taste. Combining CBD with honey stick make it more enjoyable and tasty, and you won't feel the pinch of hemp taste when cons... View Post
  • How to use CBD honey sticks?

    Enjoying a CBD honey stick is easy, effortless, and joyful. It is because you can enjoy it anytime, irrespective of your food habit. The honey stick is the most fun-filled way to consume CBD. People prefer various methods to take CBD honey sticks. Some of those intake methods can help you with yo... View Post
  • What does CBD honey sticks do?

    The CBD honey stick is one of the CBD products that help people enjoy CBD's benefits without the raw hemp taste. CBD is the primary ingredient in CBD honey sticks, and CBD is known for providing a dependable range of health benefits to the users. Besides, CBD honey sticks can be used as sweetener... View Post
  • How long does it take for CBD honey stick to work?

    Each CBD product may take varied time to kick in depending on a few factors. Some CBD-infused products can work almost instantly, while others may take more time to take effect. Also, it depends on the type of products. For instance, sublingual products and tinctures may kick in faster than the C... View Post
  • How long do CBD honey sticks last?

    Well, there are three questions inside that one question. First, what is the shelf life of CBD honey sticks?. Second, how long CBD honey sticks last in your body? Third, how long the effect of CBD honey sticks last? Let's discuss the shelf life of CBD honey sticks first. First: As we know, hone c... View Post
  • Can CBD honey sticks get you high?

    People often confuse CBD (Cannabidiol) for marijuana, and the confusion leads to unrealistic expectations and endless debates. These confusions are widespread among beginner CBD users. Some people may wonder if CBD honey sticks get you high. No matter how much you consume, it will never get you h... View Post
  • CBD & Honey

    Cannabidiol (CBD) extract is the primary ingredient in CBD honey-sticks, and it has honey as the base ingredient. Both honey and CBD extract possesses some excellent medicinal properties. Honey is a perfect option to add sweetness to any food without sugar.Nevertheless, honey provides many more b... View Post
  • CBD Honey Sticks

    CBD infused honey stick is one of the most exciting products that offer the benefits of CBD. Users can enjoy the sweetness of honey while obtaining the much-needed CBD effect.  View Post