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How long does Delta 8 stay in your system?

How long does Delta 8 stay in your system?

Have you ever wonder how long does Delta 8 stays in your system? Many THC users stop using THC products before an upcoming drug test. However, it is crucial to know how much time it takes to THC before wholly flushed out from your body. By knowing that, you can rest assured you will pass the drug test.

If you are using Delta 8 THC products, you may have to stop using them well ahead of a drug test. Else, you might fail in the drug test, which is not something anyone likes. Even after stop taking THC products, a drug test could detect the THC that stays in your body.

But how do you calculate the duration Delta 8 THC stays in the system after your last use? Let’s explore more about it.

Healthy metabolism

Most of the Delta-8 THC that you consume gets flushed out within a day or two. But it depends on your metabolic strength. If you have a healthy metabolic rate, your body digests all of the Delta-8 within a few days.

Then, only a meager amount of Delta-8 stays in your system, which will be out of your body within five to six days. The rest of the unburned Delta-8 is stored in your fat cells and is burned slowly over days.

Delta 8 dosage

People who consume Delta-8 products in high doses tend to have THC in their system for longer than those who consume low quantities. The more you take, the more it gets stored in your fat cells. So, mind your dosage if you expect a drug test shortly.

Some people may be taking low doses of Delta-8, but their usage frequency could be high. Such people will have more THC stored in their fat cells, which will take more than a week or two before it completely gets flushed out.

Intake method

Delta-8 CBD products can be consumed sublingually, orally, or can be inhaled too. If you vape or take CBD sublingually, most of the delta-8 gets flushed out within hours. On the other hand, if you take CBD orally, it may stay longer in your system.

For instance, if you consume Delta-8 gummies or pills, they must go through the digestion process before the CBD and Delta-8 take effect. The body will store a significant amount of CBD and Delta-8 in your fat cells.

In the case of sublingual CBD consumption and CBD vaping, your body flushes away the THC and CBD almost instantly. So, if you want your system cleaned quickly, you must choose an appropriate product type.


If you think you can pass a drug test by staying clean for a weak without Delta-8, you may fail a drug test. Typically, Delta 8 THC remains in the system for more than a few weeks, depending on the above-discussed factors.

If you want to ensure you pass a drug test, it is better to stop consuming Delta-8 for at least two to three weeks. If you don’t have that much time ahead, it is best to consult a doctor who will help flush your system. That way, you can pass a drug test for sure.
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