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How Long Does CBD Last in Dogs? How Long Until it Takes Effect?

How Long Does CBD Last in Dogs? How Long Until it Takes Effect?

Just like many pet owners, you might be giving CBD to your dog. Like any natural compound, CBD effects last only for a limited time. If your dog is suffering arthritis or chronic pains, it is best to give low doses of CBD in optimal intervals to keep the pain away. But do you know how long does CBD last in dogs?

As per studies, a dog's digestive system may not be as efficient as a human's, but both are remarkably similar in processing CBD. However, some other factors could influence the duration of CBD effects in dogs. Let's explore more about it.

How long until CBD takes Effect in dogs?

CBD kicks in within 15mins to 90mins depending on the product and the dog's metabolic strength. For instance, CBD tinctures may get absorbed by the esophagus and mouth walls, and thus CBD reaches the bloodstream quicker.

On the other hand, CBD treats and other CBD edibles may take more time as the dog's digestive system slowly extracts the CBD. Also, it depends on the dog's metabolic ability. A dog with weak metabolism may take more time to absorb the CBD than a dog with a healthy metabolism.

In some cases, your dog may not feel the CBD effects due to insufficient dosage. You must determine the optimal dosage for your dog based on the weight and the requirement. That way, you can ensure your dog stays healthy physically and mentally.

How long does CBD last in dogs?

CBD effects, once kick in, may last only for a few hours, and the duration may differ from dog to dog depending on the intensity of their conditions. In most cases, the CBD effect lasts from 4hours to 8hours.

Some conditions may cause an intense impact on dogs. The pain caused by arthritis and a few chronic diseases could be constant and unbearable. Likewise, anxiety symptoms could be strong and last longer. In such cases, the CBD effect may not last for more than 4hours.

How long does CBD stay in your dog's system?

Most pet owners give CBD tinctures and dog treats to their pets. CBD tinctures tend to get washed away from the system in a day or two. In the case of CBD pet treats, the CBD gets absorbed after the treat goes through the digestion process, and a little CBD gets stored in fat cells.

Depending on the consumption pattern and the intake method, the CBD may stay in your dog's system for a maximum of 15 days from the last date of consumption. The only thing you need to worry about is the THC part, so it is best to buy only from authentic brands to make sure the tHC level is below 0.3%.

If you don't want CBD to stay in your dog's system for long, it is best to give CBD tinctures as they ingest CBD directly to the bloodstream, and the rejected ingredients get washed out of the system quickly.

What's the ideal CBD dosage for dogs?

The best way to identify the optimal dosage is by start giving small doses of CBD. If you don't find any improvement in your dog's behavior, the dosage should be increased in the multiples of small doses until you find satisfactory results.

To be honest, there's no standard CBD dosage chart for dogs. The dosage requirements typically tend to be low for dogs with a small body and vice versa. However, the dosage should be decided based on the dog's condition. If you are not sure, check the descriptions for dosage recommendations or get advice from a veterinarian.

Final words

As per many pet owners, CBD pet care works great for dogs, and CBD alleviates the pains caused by underlying ailments. Likewise, many pet owners claim that CBD pet treats help their dogs handle anxiety symptoms better.

CBD may take around 15minutes to 90minutes before it kicks in and your dog could feel the CBD effects. The same may last from 4hours and up to 8hours. However, the duration may be more or less depending on the actual dosage requirement.

If your dog is suffering intense pain or anxiety, you may have to give a higher dose to help alleviate the same. If you find it hard to determine the optimal dosage, get help from a veterinarian. In any case, make sure you buy from authentic brands to avoid THC-related side effects. Please feel free to contact us for any specific queries or needs regarding CBD pet care.
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