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How many CBD Gummies should I Eat?

How many CBD Gummies should I Eat?

Although there are many CBD edibles, the CBD gummy is the favorite of most CBD users as gummies are connected to our childhoods. However, CBD gummies are not snacks, and you can't just keep eating too many CBD gummies all through the day.

How many CBD Gummies should I eat?

Although there are many CBD edibles, CBD gummy is the favorite of most CBD users as gummies are connected to our childhoods. However, CBD gummies are not snacks, and you can't just keep eating too many CBD gummies all through the day.

Unlike regular gummy bears, CBD gummies contain CBD extract, which may also contain tiny quantities of THC. So, you must keep the CBD gummy consumption in check. If not, you may not achieve the best results and may experience some side effects.

So, how many CBD gummies should you eat? Well, You can figure it out on your own if you listen to your body, but most people don't do that. So, let's explore everything about CBD gummy dosage and the benefits of eating the right amount of CBD gummies.

How to determine the number of CBD gummies per day?

In most cases, the dosage requirement tends to align with the condition's intensity. For instance, chronic pains tend to last long, but the pain level may be moderate. So, you may have to consume low doses of CBD two to three times a day.

On the other hand, anxiety-related symptoms may be temporary and fade gradually. In such cases, you may need a solid dose of CBD. Likewise, people with sleep issues may have to take a moderate dose once before sleep to get the best results. No matter how critical your condition may be, it is best to start with a low dose and increase the dosage gradually.

How many CBD gummies do I eat per day for anxiety issues?

Anxiety is a totally different condition that may have varying levels of impact on people. If you are suffering anxiety symptoms, you might have noticed that the anxiety's intensity tends to change from time to time.

So, there's no standard dosage for managing anxiety symptoms. Nevertheless, 25mg is the best dosage to start with. See if you can feel the relaxation in your mind and muscles after taking one gummy. If you need more, increase the dose in the multiples of 10mg.

Remember, CBD gummies may take anywhere between 15mins to 45mins to kick in. So, give it some time before taking the next gummy. If you overdose when suffering anxiety symptoms, the side effects could be unpleasant.

Bodyweight Vs. CBD gummy consumption

There's a thumb rule for CBD gummy usage to keep the daily intake within the optimal limit. This rule works based on one's body weight. Logically, people with high body mass may need more CBD than lean people.

For instance, a person with 90Kg may not get the desired results with 25mg per day. On the other hand, 100mg CBD per day could be too much for a person who weighs only 70Kg. So, you must consider your body weight before choosing a dosage.

For example, If your weight is 90Kg, 45mg per day should be enough for you. If you don't get the desired result, increase the dosage gradually in multiples of 5mg until you can feel the relief. If your gummy contains 10mg CBD, you should consume 4.5 gummies per day.

Why should you consume fewer CBD gummies?

First off, CBD gummies contain sugar, which may not be good for your health if you consume too much. It is always best to keep the sugar intake as low as possible for better health and immunity. CBD gummies contain CBD and a meager amount of THC as well.

THC, the primary compound in weed, is a cannabinoid similar to CBD but psychoactive. Too many CBD gummies mean too much CBD and an increased THC intake. No matter how many CBD gummies you eat per day, you won't get high, but still, CBD overdose can cause side effects.

What's more?

You got two options to determine the optimal CBD gummy dosage. First, you can calculate the dose based on your body weight. You can try 5mg per 10Kg of body weight. The other option is to start with a low dose and increase the dosage until you feel improvement. 25mg is an ideal dosage to start with. If you want more, increase the dosage by 10mg at a time.

Consuming CBD gummies for pain management, anxiety management, and sleep-related conditions may be fruitful. However, if you don't maintain the optimal dosage, you may not get the optimal results. Also, if you are taking any medicine for any conditions, you should consult your doctor before opting for CBD consumption.