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How long does it take for CBD honey stick to work?

How long does it take for CBD honey stick to work?

Each CBD product may take varied time to kick in depending on a few factors. Some CBD-infused products can work almost instantly, while others may take more time to take effect. Also, it depends on the type of products. For instance, sublingual products and tinctures may kick in faster than the CBD edibles. CBD honey sticks are an edible, but it works quicker than other CBD edibles like CBD chocolates and CBD gummies.

CBD dosage

The time it takes for CBD honey stick to kick in may vary depending on the dosage. Just one stick may not give you the CBD effect as the quantity is significantly less. At the same time, you will feel the CBD effect quickly if you take a couple more sticks at once. However, it would be better if you never overdosed CBD as it may give you some side effects, including headaches, redness in eyes and skin, and dizziness.

CBD honey stick work faster

CBD honey stick is a liquid-like substance that contains honey and CBD extract. You can bite/cut the tip and taste the CBD infused honey quickly. CBD penetrate through the mucous membrane and esophagus when you swallow it. CBD reaches the circulation much faster in this method.

Time for CBD honey stick to kick in

Typically, sublingual CBD products take up to 15mins to take effect. On the other hand, CBD edibles may take 30mins to 60mins to kick in. CBD honey stick is a versatile product that offers a relatively quick impact. In most cases, it takes about 20mins to 40mins to take effect.