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How much CBD Oil should I give my Dog for Seizures?

How much CBD Oil should I give my Dog for Seizures?

Dogs are not just pets but a part of the family of pet lovers. They are loyal, trustworthy, and above all, loving. The symptoms of epilepsy in pets are very much similar to that of humans. It becomes tough for you to watch your dog suffers from epilepsy.

Many studies conducted by renowned institutions suggest that CBD for dogs is a viable option to reduce seizure frequency. FDA has approved epidiolex, a CBD-based drug, for the treatment of epilepsy in kids. That said, CBD is an excellent option to help your dog tackle seizures and other related symptoms.

Optimal dosage is crucial when you give CBD for pets, but how much CBD should you give your dog for seizures? Let's learn more about it.

CBD for pets – Mind the dosage

When you give too much CBD for pets, it can lead to unpleasant side effects. In most cases, the side effects of CBD overdose tend to be temporary. However, if your dog is under medication, the side effects may be intense and unbearable.

Now you know you should never overdose CBD, but that doesn't mean you should give low doses of CBD to your dog. Overly low doses may not be effective in treating epilepsy. That said, determining the ideal CBD dosage for pets becomes essential.

THC may not be suitable for your dog

We have many studies that revealed the positive effects of CBD, but no studies have justified the benefits of THC in treating epilepsy yet. Besides, THC is a non-psychoactive compound found in Cannabis, and the same is responsible for the weed effect.

THC can make pets restless and may lead to an unstable mindset and aggressive behavior. THC can be even more dangerous when your dog is already suffering from seizures. It is best to buy THC-free CBD-infused products for your pets to avoid adverse side effects.

Ideal CBD dosage for dogs

There is no standard dosage chart for dogs. Not all dogs are the same in terms of weight and metabolism. Likewise, the dosage may vary depending on the intensity of the ailment and the seizure frequency.

2mg/kg of your dog's weight is where you should start. CBD oil may take more than an hour to take effect in your dog. If your dog seems to be relaxed, maintain the same dose every day. If you don’t see any significant changes, you can increase the quantity by 1mg.

No matter what, the dosage should not exceed 8mg/kg/per day. If you are still unsure about the dosage, contact a veterinary doctor before including CBD in your dog’s diet.


CBD is not a supplement or snack but a highly beneficial natural compound extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant family. CBD oil may be helpful in treating seizures in pets. However, if the dosage is not right, the results may not be as desired.

When you give CBD for dogs, it is best to start from the lowest dose. High doses of CBD for pets may lead to temporary side effects. Likewise, if your dog is under medication for any underlying condition, you should consult with a veterinary doctor before giving CBD.
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